Does the DLC affect the warranty of our HVAC system?
No. The DLC is a thermostat control system that communicates with HVAC systems like any thermostat and does not affect the HVAC unit or the warranty.
Does the DLC allow all the HVAC systems to come on at once?
The DLC system will operate within the defined end-user parameters. If the goal is to reduce energy costs (use and demand charges), we typically recommend setting an allowed energy threshold after a review of the facility. The DLC’s algorithms will automatically optimize energy use to achieve the desired temperature settings. If for some reason the energy threshold settings are not achievable, the DLC will default to comfort turning on any units that are needed.
We’re getting bombarded with pitches from companies that claim to provide demand management, how is the DLC different?
There are a number of companies with platforms that manage demand, but these only shift energy loads based on set schedules and not conditions. The DLC dynamically manages energy use and demand, taking into account the temperature and learned behavior of each zone, the current outside temperature and forecast to adjust use based on changing conditions.
We recently replaced our old HVAC systems with new, high efficiency units, how would the DLC do anything further to reduce our energy costs?
Even after a facility has replaced the HVAC units with high efficiency systems, the units are likely still being controlled independently in a standalone fashion. As a result, there is nothing to prevent the units from all coming on at the same time resulting in higher demand electricity charges.
How does the DLC provide optimized start/stop, and why is that important to my business?
Given the changing conditions within a facility, the DLC dynamically takes into account the learned behavior or each zone within a facility, outside temperature and temperature forecast to determine the run time necessary to achieve the desired temperature settings within each zone. Other products that provide scheduled start/stop, don’t take into account the changing conditions within the facility thereby using more energy than necessary.
We have a building energy management system at our corporate office that handles lights, alarms, HVAC, and more. Would the DLC be able to manage the HVAC control in our other facilities and communicate with our system in our corporate office?
Yes. The DLC can automatically control and optimize HVAC energy use across any number of remote facilities while communicating up to a front-end BEMS dashboard to provide as needed control, data on HVAC energy use and alerts that can also be accessed remotely via any web enabled device.
What type of security and access does the DLC provide?
The DLC provides secure password protected access from any web enabled device, allowing administrators to define user privileges and access as needed.
How would the DLC help us from a maintenance standpoint?
The DLC provides alerts when units are not performing, compressors need service, or filters require changing. A businesses HVAC service provider could access the unit information remotely and run a tending remote to have a better understanding of the problem before they even arrive at the facility thereby improving efficiency to the service provider and the business.
What are the warranty terms for the DLC?
The Demand Limiting Controller carries a full one-year warranty. Save Energy Systems will repair or replace the DLC controller or the associated thermostats for a period of one year should there be an issue. We also guarantee our technicians workmanship for a period of one year. For those who purchase a subscription, all parts are warrantied for the term of the subscription.

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