***  We are very grateful to our customers for their continued support during this challenging past year due to COVID-19. To show our appreciation, we have made a generous donation on behalf of our customers to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) to support their efforts to innovate, experiment, and fund the transformation needed to combat climate change. ***

The Save Energy Systems Demand-Limiting Controller (DLC) is a patented, intelligent, networked system designed to reduce a company's HVAC demand charges and increase savings.

Put simply, we are able to accomplish this by having the DLC refer to the energy requirements of each roof top unit (RTU) at industrial, commercial and retail facilities to determine what we need to shut off before we turn something else on. 

In more detail, the DLC system automatically manages and optimizes energy usage of HVAC systems by using distributed sensors and advanced logic to individually control all on-site HVAC compressors and fans, thereby reducing total maximum energy demand, kWh use, and overall power consumption.

In addition, the DLC system combines internal sensor data from discrete zones with external conditions to ensure optimal building conditions. Its operations are completely automated, while also providing on-line, managed control from any pc, tablet or phone, with appropriate credentials.

The process may sound complex but the results are undeniable - substantial cost reduction on monthly energy bills and saving considerable kWh, thereby minimizing our collective carbon footprint. We truly are 'Save Energy' Systems!

Our patented Demand Limiting Controller (DLC)

Estimated kWh Saved by Save Energy Systems

58821456.8 kWh

Did you know that ONE MILLION kWh is equal to more than…

  • 1.6 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide
  • 83,000 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 24,000 incandescent light bulbs switched to LED
  • 1.8 million miles driven by a passenger vehicle
  • 1,700 gallons of oil consumed
  • 80 homes’ energy use for one year

Since 2012, we have helped our customers save tens of millions of dollars and, together, we have made a significant cumulative positive impact on the environment and we continue to do so every day!

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